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Found on internet, ask me where in PM:

Individualism is a lie.

First, individualism has value only among the gifted. Individualism of mediocrity is nothing.
A great scientist makes a difference as an individual. Most no-talents make no difference, no matter how individualistic they are.

Also, as most people lack a strong sense of independence, their individualism never amounts to autonomy and agency. As weak individualism, they just fall under the sway of bigger forces.
Most individuals haven’t the spine of the fictional Howard Roark. Not the vision and resolve.

The Sixties revolution supposedly liberated the boomers into individualism, but we’ve seen just masses of morons swayed this way and that by the controllers of fashion.

How did globo-homo spread? Did all those individuals independently decided to celebrate sodomy as rainbow? No, as weak individuals, they just went along.

Individualism was supposed to liberate the person from the clan or tribe but merely made him into a cog of the machine.